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Glass partition Hardware 

 ( vách ngăn vệ sinh chất liệu kính)

This type is VIỆT MỸ's newly developed & most important that was design for Glass partition. In order to full fill the requirements from bath trend, self closing hinge can be adjusted to different angles. VIỆT MỸ also changed bath room from its rigid and simple to smooth and fine look. Because of that, it has become the top hardware choice for dividing the bathroom and toilet room. 

Due to VIỆT MỸ's focus on its bath relaxation and industrial artistic design, they have spent more than many years on developing the hardware gate between bath and toilet room, especially its self closing hinge, Toilet Accessories, compact hpl, Toilet Cubicle ,Toilet Hardware ,Toilet Partition Hardware ,Door Handle ,Headrail Parts ,Coat Hanger ,Adjustable Leg, Bracket ,U Channel ,Lock Indicator and adjustable leg stand, etc. Their simple and geometric design concept has made their product become popular, such as US, U.K., Middle East, Japan, Asia, Germany and Europe.


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